St. Gregory’s High School established by Rev. Father Gregory De Groote, a Benedictine Priest in January 1882 set many historical records towards its journey of education as well as humanitarian activities.

The school came into being with a handful of boys. But soon school had to be closed down twice. The school resumed then in 1889 and Father Francis Boeres CSC took the charge of the school. Within twenty years, he set the school upon its solid foundation by his untiring efforts. The school was initially used to teach only Eurasian and European children. Indian students were only allowed under special permission and that was only fifteen percent. In 1898 there were six Bengali boys and two Bengali girls among the students. In 1912 the girls section was separated from the boys and St. Francis Xavier’s came into existence.

In 1924 Board’s recognition was granted and in 1928 six boys were sent for high school exam and all came out with good results. In 1934 Dalim Guha topped the list in the board exam. He was one of the best products of St. Gregory’s High School. He also stood first in ISC and stood First Class First in BSC with Honors in Physics from Calcutta University in 1938. In the same year his friend Protap Chandra stood third in the board Examination with letter marks in English, a very rare event. He also got a record of getting 97 percent marks in History from the Board of Intermediate, Calcutta University. In 1936, 37, 38 Nirmal Chandra Basu Roy, Jatindralal Das, Abdur Rouf, stood First in the Board Examination respectively. In 1941 Ashim Kumar Mukherjee came first in merit. After three years (1944) St. Gregory’s boys got 6 positions in the merit list including the first and second position occupied by Tarak Das and Arun kumar Basak respectively. Tajuddin Ahmed the First Prime Minister of Bangladesh secured 12th place in the merit list.

In the year 1947 the first, second and third position in the merit list were captured by , Nirmal Chakraborty, AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury, the 13th President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Samir Sen respectively.

The year 1959, 60, 61 were remarkable years in the history of the school. Syed Tareque Ali, Ahmed Shafee and Mahboob Hossain Khan topped the list again. In 1963 M. Sajjad Alam stood 2nd in the merit list from Science Group. After four years again St. Gregory’s Boys did marvelous result in the board examination. Zakir Ahmed stood first from Science Group while Khan Md. Farabi occupied the 2nd position in Humanities Group. After liberation in the year 1973 there was also a remarkable result in the board examination. Three top most positions were achieved by Khandaker Nazrul Kader, Saad Akhter khan and Md. Habibur Rahman respectively. The tradition of doing excellent result is still going in and it is now valued with different criteria like GPA 5. In the present grading system, the students are proving their excellence also in the same manner.

Now in 2015 during the Headmastership of Brother Prodip Placid Gomes CSC, 211 students were sent for the SSC examination. Excellent results with hundred percent pass is the real outcome of the school.

The laurel of success was not only evident in the field of academic record but also in co-curricular activities St. Gregory’s boys set Hall mark in the history through their achievements.

The co- curricular activities started basically just from the outset of the 20th century. The Scout Troop first in Dhaka was started at St. Gregory in 1914 just one year prior to the 1st World War and within a month 40 Scouts became member of that troop. Br. Fabian , Mr. Alfred Palmer, Mr. Nicholas Rozario, brought fame and glory to our scout troop. By 1916 the Cadet Corps became strong and started flourishing and 33 cadets were rated as extra efficient by the Army Officers. During the world War, many of the cadets were given Officers’ commission. This year two scouts, Imtiaz Ahmed Sakib and Taufiqul Alam of St. Gregory’s High School have been nominated to receive President’s Scout Award for their excellent performance.

Once in the 30th‘Bratachari Andalon’ a social movement influenced the whole country. Reverend Brother Walter realized the importance of the movement and introduced it at school. The Bratachari drill classes, St John’s Ambulance Brigade performances were held after school regularly.

At present the co-curricular activities are going on in full swing with different missions to accommodate with the perspectives of the changed reality. The arrangements for co-curricular activities commence from the morning session and the students have to undergo with several co-curricular activities as attractive pursuits to bring forth their latent genius to make himself useful to him, the society and the country as well.

The first club in the history of St. Gregory came into being is Gregorian Science Club. Gregorian Science Club is attributed with the prestigious effort to arrange science fair first at any educational institution. Still the effort to arrange science fair has been flourished and the school is now arranging Science& Art Festival annually where the participants around the country can take part to exhibit their talents.

Gregorian Debating Club was not so old to come into being but the journey of it is now being accelerated through the arrangement of different debate competitions time to time and is going on in a formulated manner. The young debaters have flourished the name of the school especially in the arena of debate successfully. Many renowned persons of different walks of life who have occupied distinguished positions are the products of St. Gregory’s, many of them were good debaters at their school days.

Gregorian Quiz and math Club is functioning recently but the genesis of it came through the sincere efforts of some of the teachers and students. The activities on Quiz are going on fruitfully. The students related to quiz are proving their mastery through their participation and achievements in different competitions.

Gregorian English Club started functioning many years ago and the activities are still going on. The students are amply benefited by this club as well.

Gregorian Cultural club is one of the active clubs run by the teachers and students of the school. A charitable cultural organization named ‘Fulki’ is also playing their part to nourish the master artists to flourish them to the limit.

The activities of Gregorian Chess Club are also going on for many years. The activities of this club are going on in regular basis to make the students involved with the game and to perform better. Many national and internationally recognized chess players are the products of Gregorian Chess Club.

Gregorian Ecology Club started its activities in the recent past but the interest of the students on the contemporary issue is growing rapidly. The students of this club usually took part in different seminars and competitions nationally and internationally.

There are also other clubs that are being run in the same manner to meet the demand of the students. The students feel free to accommodate with these clubs to pursue their interests and impulses through different pursuits.

St. Gregory’s High School is fortunate to get a good number of Holy Cross Fathers Brothers of noble soul and wonderful teachers through whose devotional service St. Gregory’s earned unviable reputation and present status. Only academic excellence is not barely enough for the school. The remarkable achievements in different co-curricular activities are the matters to be acknowledged around the country as well as the world.

The students here are nurtured with holistic touch and with highly valued morality that have made them example for the fellow students not only in the country but also in the world as well. They are given education in such a way that they will be able to compete anywhere in the world.

Now one can easily perceive Gregorian team spirit among our teachers and students. All are proud to belong to this great institution. Thus students are proud to be a Gregorian.

Father Boeres, Father Crowly (later he became the Bishop of Dhaka) Fr. Hennsey (Secretary of the school from 1911to 28), Brother Walter, a man of iron but beloved by all. Br. Jude, (a gem), Br. James, A friend, philosopher and a poet, Br. Martinian & Br. Fullgence, (still alive, living in the USA), Br. Thomas More, (pioneer of basketball in Bangladesh and a true lover of games and sports) Br. Robert, Br. John (himself a Gregorian), Br. Gerald, Br. Marcel, Br. Bijoy, Fr. Peixotto, Br. Robi, Bro. Leo continued the glorious tradition of the school and uphold the flag of St. Gregory’s a top. At present Bro. Prodip Placid Gomes is trying utmost to uphold the tradition of the school and to establish it on firm granite for the future generation.

In the beginning the headmasters were American Holy Cross priest. In the 1920s, American Holy Cross Brothers took over the charges to run the school. Today Bangali Holy Cross Brothers are continuing the good work. Today’s students are from cross section of people.

Besides the selfless contribution of the teachers from the emergence of St. Gregory’s beggar description. The great teachers who dubbed the pillar of St. Gregory’s were Mr. S.K. Choudhury, Mr. Dasgupta, Mr. Roy, Mr. Basak. They have become legend in the history of St. Gregory. Thereafter the task of teaching were bestowed upon Mr. P.C. Sarker, Mr.M.M. ganguly, Mr. M.G Podder, Mr. Sudeb Bose, Mr. J.C Chakraborty, Mr. N.K Sarker, Mr. Rahmatuullah( Lal Mia). They all started their teaching career during the 20th and 30th. They all are now a part of history of St. Gregory.

The former Students of St. Gregory set an example in their respective fields through their remarkable contribution and have brought name and fame not only for the school but also for the country as well. The first Prime minister of Bangladesh, Tajuddin Ahmed, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, Former President of Bangladesh, Prof. B. Choudhury, Internationally renowned lawyer and the writer of the Constitution of Bangladesh, Dr. kamal Hossain, the First Attorney General of Bangladesh Fakir Shahbuddin are mention worthy here.