St.Gregory’s High school was established in 1882. Since its emergence it is still a busting one and bears a lot of golden episodes and tradition for which we can take pride. There are many achievement occupied in the crown of its success. Games & Sports is one of them.

Games & Sports are indispensable part of students’ life as they contribute a lot towards the solid growth of a physical and mental health. They remove the tedium and fatigue emanated from the monotonous scheduled class life. They also help the formation of character by teaching the virtue of discipline and punctuality.

The most important of all the events held on the campus of St.Gregory’s is the Annual Sports. On the Annual Sports day, a number of traditional track and field events are organized for both by the students and teachers. These include 100-metre sprint, 200-metre sprint, 400-metre sprint, 800-metre sprint, long jump, high jump, jump, shot put, discus throwing, dress as you like. A lot of prizes are distributed among the winners for different events.

St. Gregory’s High School prides itself on its possession of a big playground and arranging of various sporting events all through the year. Students frolic on the ground whenever they have spare time, may it be before the class or during recess or after the class or even in the afternoon. Football, Cricket, Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton, chess, Rugby, Handball are the most common sports and games held almost regularly on the ground. Hocky and Base ball were also being played in the past. St. Gregory teams routinely take part in national and international sporting events and thus producing great players like Late Abdur Rahim (footballer and national coach of Bangladesh), Raqibul Hasan (first captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team), Shafiqul Haq Hira (former Bangladesh Cricket Team captain and team manager), Raisuddin Ahmed (Basketball player, sports organizer, lifetime member of ICC), Bir Bikram Kazi Kamal Ahmed (Played a magnificent role in the Basketball arena of Bangladesh), Enamul Hossain Rajib (5th Grandmaster of Bangladesh), Syed Ashraful Haque (former Bangladesh Cricketer, Chief-Executive of Asian Cricket Council).

We are proud of our sports teams, developed in both the Junior and Senior Group level, that have participated in countless tournaments and sporting events throughout Bangladesh and the world, in countries such as India and Sweden.

Fr. Francis T.S Crowley, the then Headmaster of St. Gregory's, first introduced basketball to Bangladesh in 1923.

St.Gregory’s High School brought a lot of success in games and sports in past time.There is no other school in our country that has kept the success intact like the esteemed institution, St.Gregory’s High School . This success has come with the co-ordinated effort of the respected Brothers,teachers and ex-gregorians. I hope that it will carry out its grandeur in the coming days.