14 February,2013 marked the fifth of Gregorian Quiz Club by conducting the first ever “ Inter Class Quiz Competition” at St. Gregory’s High School compound. With its inception not only our school added another feather in its already impressive , unrivaled crown but also has given birth to an era of “Inquisition”. An inquisition of knowledge, an insight of many things which is not seen in average students. To really achieve the term “ Gregorian”, one must not only be confined to studies but also acquire the necessary morals that define the Gregorian who have always won over the world while maintaining good performance in co-curricular activities. And our beloved “Gregorian Quiz Club and Math club” aims at serving the purpose. With our ever dutiful, respected moderators and some ex-Gregorian’s endeavor, the very infant like club has achieved monumental success in terms of developing a knowledge lover students which pre-define us as a “Gregorian”. Of all monumental success it has achieved the most exciting one definitely “ Citycell St. Gregory’s High School knowledge Fiesta- 2014”. With over 700 attendance from over schools , colleges, and universities as well as with an estimated attendance of over 2500 people, it was by for one of the most gracious events of the year with people praising almost every aspects of it. Last year in 2014,
To perform the activities properly, club cc panel was given among some students. The name of these boys below:

  1. President: Abdullah Jahed sumon
  2. Vice- President: Mir Farian Rahman
  3. General Secretary : Md. Zubayer Wasit
  4. Joint Secretary : Samudro Gupta
  5. Publication Secretary : Rafael Kabir Rahite.


  • 14 Feb, 2013 , the official “ Inter Class Quiz Competition” was held .
  • In 13 September,2013, Six students of our school helped to raise charity for funding needed schools of rural areas by participating in active quiz sessions held by a TV program titled “ Orel Initiators. The students collected over tk 39000 to help the funding.
  • Viqarunnisa Noon science Festival Quiz- Runners up
  • DRMC science Festival Junior Quiz- Runners up
  • Scintilla ( St. Joseph) Quiz Competition – 2nd Runners up
  • VNLC Language Fest English Olympiad- 2nd Runners up
  • VNLC Language Fest English Olympiad – 1st Runner up
  • VNLC Language Fest Bangla Olympiad- 2nd Runners up
  • NDC Science Festival and G.K.C. – 2nd Runners up
  • Dhaka University Science Fair Quiz Competition- 2nd Runners up
  • “ Citycell St. Gregory’s High School knowledge Fiesta- 2014”- Champion ( senior group)
  • “ Citycell St. Gregory’s High School knowledge Fiesta- 2014”- Champion ( Junior Group)

Besides these, our boys have done wonderful jobs in “ Citycell St. Gregory’s High School knowledge Fiesta- 2014” at Art Quiz, Sport Quiz and Bangladesh Quiz.