May 5, 2020 From: Brother Prodip Placid Gomes,c.s.c., Principal To: All students and parents of St. Gregory’s High School & College Respected & Dear Parents & Students Greetings from St. Gregory’s High School & College. I believe all of you are fine in spite of a long period of lockdown. Gradually, it is becoming very difficult and challenging for us all to stay at home with the same people. On the other hand for our own wellbeing; we continue remaining at home. As we love ourselves, our family members, our society & country and our splendid mother earth we need to stay at home. We do not want to lose our wonderful lives. We should keep in mind that to gain something wonderful we need to sacrifice. Dear students, the signs of the times indicate that we cannot come back to school & college soon. At the same time we should not waste our time doing nothing good as Gregorian. Gregorian must be optimistic always. All must be always ready for hard work for a bright future. One of the famous former presidents of India, Abdul Kalam said, “Work hard, work hard and work hard”. So my dear boys, in spite of difficulties and challenges you must continue doing good works particularly you must continue acquiring knowledge. Along with your study you should discover your talents practicing good music, arts & crafts, reading various good books, practicing the language skills of Bengali and English, writing stories, poems, articles, jokes, good and interesting reports & daily diary, helping your parents in cooking and cleaning house. You may try to give enough time for prayer and reading scriptures. Try to read your school & college rules and regulations at times. Don’t stop acquiring knowledge and putting into practice your acquired knowledge. That will enhance your human formation process to be a good Gregorian, good man and good citizen. St. Don Bosco says, “Do everything but do not commit sin”. So, do not try to go against your conscience. Always remember, you are important, you are valuable. Your Creator is always with you. Boys, our teachers are doing very hard work for virtual classes. I am grateful to them. I feel you are enjoying virtual classes and it has created an inspiration in you for utilizing your time and to continue your studies. As we cannot come back to school soon, we shall continue our virtual classes. We shall complete the first and second term syllabus (Primary and High School) by July 15, 2020. Then there will revision class for about ten days before Eid-Ul-Azah. Don’t be worried about your examinations now, you just follow the classes, study hard at home and complete your syllabus. If you complete your syllabus whenever, we give examinations you will be doing very well. Your purpose should be that you are learning and completing your syllabus. Classes X, VIII and V students’ syllabus will be completed by July 15, 2020. All students are urgently advised to do the works on time that are given by your respective teachers during the virtual classes. If you have any questions you may inform your teachers making comments in comment box, but do not write anything that may hamper your / your family and St. Gregory’s name and fame. Don’t forget for a single moment that you are a Gregorian. I believe our college teachers will be able to complete 60% syllabus of the second paper of each subject before Eid-Ul-Azah. So, college boys are advised to follow your virtual classes very attentively. Try to watch the same class again and again. Read the lesson for two to three times before your class is held. That will help you to understand your class better. Time is going fast; so do not waste your time. Take this lockdown time as an opportunity as you have ample amount of time for studies at home. Respected Parents-thank you for your sincere support. I understand your condition at this time at home. Nevertheless, I want to request you to continue helping your sons at home. Please see that they follow the virtual classes, they read the lessons before the class is held and study hard after class as well. They should write at least an hour daily. Please see that they practice math, English and other difficult subjects daily. Give them time for watching good movies. Check that they will not be dependent upon face book and other social media. Face book addiction is worse than drug addiction. You may give about 30 minutes time daily for listening to your son and it will be a sort of evaluation of the day. We will continue on line class till Sunday May 17, 2020. Again we will start from May 30, 2020 and will continue till Saturday July 25, 2020. All are advised to keep books, copies and pen during virtual class and to take necessary notes. All students (school & college) are suggested to do the works regularly that your teachers are giving you. All these works will be assessed for your CA/SBA marks after resuming class. Let us stay at home as we love ourselves. Let us continue praying for the repose of all the departed souls by coronavirus pandemic, for consolation of their near and dear ones; who are mourning after losing their loved ones, for quick recovery of the coronavirus infected people, all doctors, nurses, volunteers & other health works, all who are sacrificing in different forms for infected people, all concerned leaders, who are making important and urgent decisions time to time, all security personnel and all who are victims of the COVID 19 in various ways. We continue praying for the scientists and researchers who are trying their level best to discover the remedy of this virus that they will be able to discover the solution as soon as possible for the wellbeing of the humankind of all over the world. All of you are in my prayer. May the Almighty continue showering His precious blessings upon you always. Brother Prodip Placid Gomes, c.s.c. Principal