Citycell-SGHS Knowledge Fiesta 2014: Beginning of a New Revolution
Only a few days have passed since Citycell SGHS Knowledge Fiesta 2014, which was held in ST. Gregory’s High School ended. This grand event was aimed to broaden the horizon of knowledge by arranging various knowledge based competitions for school, college and university students.

It also served the purpose of bringing students from heterogeneous background and diverse skill-set under one common platform. Never before any school ventured organize an event of this magnitude and welcomed participation from three major academic levels. Here I would like to take the opportunity to mention thatST. Gregory’s High School has always been the pioneer of extra-curricular activities. To name a few this school is home of first ever Scout Troupe of Bangladesh; its one time headmaster Father T.

S Crawley first introduced basketball in 1923. Moving back to Citycell-SGHS Knowledge Fiesta, at the core of this majestic fiesta’s heart were Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl, Math Bowl, Chemistry Bowl, Physics Bowl, Photography Competition, Rapid Chess, Bangla Olympiad, English Olympiad, Rubik’s Cube Competition Sudoku Challenge, IQ Test(masked as brain bee) and its very own Criminal Case Challenge.

We extended our invitations to around 200 institutions among which we received participation from a whopping 80 institutions! Several student clubs expressed their regret for not being able to attend our fest due to uneven academic schedule. Our old hall room which is declared as a heritage site was used as the venue for Photography Exhibition. The oldie and elegant aura of that place appealed the participants as well as audiences. Gregorians, who have graduated from the school long back, were particularly delighted at the same time nostalgic when they stepped into the old hall room after ages! Just to elaborate a bit, quiz bowl contests featured General Knowledge Contests (Team Based), Bangladesh Quiz, Art Culture Literature Quiz, Sports Quiz, Physics Bowl, Chemistry Bowl and Math Bowl. Rapid Chess Contests is popular worldwide since it is fast paced and demands higher level of reflex from the players.

We tried to initiate it on experimental basis and guess what- it stirred interest from students of different age group and even teachers! Bangladesh Chess Federation provided the logistics supports for this contest and their officials appreciated our effort.In order to intensify the festive mood of the event, wall graffiti was written on the northern side of Hostel Building depicting the ever-graceful St. Gregory’s. Moreover, widely renowned “Beauty’rLacchi” set up a stall in the school premises. A glass of shorbot or lacchi quenched the thirst of people like no other drinks in the scorching heat of summer. So understandably, their stall was always full of crowd.Another stall particularly drew people’s attention- ‘Kataagolla’. It is a startup founded by two BUET architect.

They offer notebooks, sketchbooks, t-shirts, paintings etc. under the title of their trademark “Heritage Series”. This kind of events attains manifold underlying objectives. In this ever evolving world of information urging to learn more has the most importance than ever. Only a mere participation in this type of competition can make the urge of knowing in a human being grow ten folds. In an era when only simply studying is not good enough to compete with rest of the globe, many of our neighboring countries have boasted the need of such event and it is only positive that our country has taken a small step in that direction. Like stated before, ST. Gregory’s High School has always witnessed a glorious past. When an institution of such caliber tries something new, innovative to flex the muscles of inquisitive brains of students it is destined to be a big expedient for students or future leaders of the country. We believe that you all will accompany us in our journey to explore the unchartered waters.