“Nothing but an unadulterated and healthy environment can make a healthy life”

Regarding this motto, our previous green club has started its journey as “Gregorian Ecology Club”. In 2014 at the first meeting of the teachers, the responsibilities of this club were handed over among four respected teachers. They are: Himon Adward Gomes sir, Shahed Ali sir, Titu Paul sir and Hasan Ali sir. Due to the revolution of science, our ecology is facing various problems, pollution. If we can’t save our world, the existence of human being will fall into danger. That’s why our Gregorian Ecology Club has converted into mankind organization so that it can make a huge platform to be related with humanity.

The Chronicles of our activity:

  1. Distributing of warm clothes.
  2. Participating at national Environment Day together with a rally.
  3. Participating along with Prime Minister at the celebration of national environment day.
  4. Organize a seminar at school about the perspective of international environment day.
  5. A study tour at Novo –theater, museum, tree fair with our club members.
  6. Our club members joined tree plantation activities as a affinity with our headmaster.
  7. Different types of play card, banner as well as painting’s exhibition were held at national Debate Competition for raising awareness among the student’s guardians.
  8. Participating in Jagannath University at the time of World Migrate Bird Day.

Besides these activities, we were also involved in many enormous environmental activities at school and other schools too.

The name of the present members the club is given bellow:

President : Abdullah Mahmud Chowdhury
Vice President : Aashikar Rahman Shouvo
Junior Vice President : Soummjit Saha
General Secretary : Asif Hossain Emon
Publication Secretary : Mustakim Islam Nirob
Assistant Publication Secretary : Maruful Islam
I. T. Secretary : Isant Hossain Rizon