Debate is an art. It sharpens the rational thoughts and logic of human beings. Various aspects of our life are affected by debate. St. Gregory’s High School always emphasizes on the importance of debate for the total formation of the students. If we study the history of St. Gregory’s school debate , we find that it was introduced by the students of class 7 during the time of the Headmaster,…………… . Gregorian Debate Club was introduced in 80s during Bro.Gerald Kraeger , CSC, the then Headmaster. . From then various formal debate activities are being organized regularly by this club. Presently the moderator of GDC is Patit Pabon Mondal . He is running this club effectively with other teachers and students from the very beginning of his position

The dedicated practice of the members of GDC has enlightened the students and put them at the zenith of success. This success of GDC cannot be described in words and this club has introduced a new chapter in the arena of debating.

Some great achievement :

  • GDC has achieved more than 40 prizes in between 2008 to 2014.
  • GDC has achieved 3rd place in National Debate Competition.
  • GDC has participated in 4 finals among 5 inter-school debate competitions arranged by Jahangirnagar University Debate Organization.
  • Souvik Kundo, member of GDC has obtained 1st position in the parliamentary debate organized by Transparency International Bangladesh.
  • Besides of these, the members of the GDC are being appreciated for their ethical and disciplined behavior. This is why , they have achieved the prestige award for best disciplined participation for 2 times.
  • 7 members of the GDC have been selected among the best 10 in the training workshop organized by Bangladesh Debate Foundation.
  • They have also a glorious record to be unbeaten in 86 Debate competition.

Besides showing their qualities outside the school, they are also very careful about the internal activities of their own school debate. To organize the whole debate activities, the moderators and management committee have to do hard-work.

The internal activities of the school debate:

  • Inter-class school competition for junior ( class v- vii) and senior ( class viii- x) group.
  • Ready speech in English and Bengali.
  • Junior and Senior league debate.
  • Weekly workshop.
  • Monthly workshop by famous debaters.
  • Some social welfare works , helping poor with winter dress.

GDC has already arranged 7 National Debate Competition perfectly. In every competition, various schools, colleges, and universities have participated in these competitions. Many famous figures and debaters glorified these programs.