Aims and Objectives:

  • • Developing thinking Capacity
  • Making foresighted
  • Making goal oriented
  • Creating mentality to work collaboratively.

A brief History of the Club:
Grn. Prof. Shorifuddin Hye,. Batch of 1952 stands to be one of the most remarkable figures in founding Chess Federation in the East Pakistan under the leadership of Dr. Kazi Motaher Hossain. As he said, during the year of 1948, the students of this school used to play chess in the Tiffin period with the assistance of then Holly Cross brothers who were serving in the school. Shorifuddin Hi came to know the ABC of chess from St. Gregory’s High School. The Chess Club got an institutional recognition during the tenure of Bro. Gerald Kraeger. In 1984 a chess tournament was conducted by a student named Shafiul Azam under the instruction of Bro. Gerald Kraeger, the then headmaster of the school. In 1985 the Headmaster made ABM Abdus Saubahan Sir Moderator and established a Chess Club with a complete shape. In 2008, Bro. Robi Purification CSC the Present Headmaster appointed Nurul Amin sir, Dipok sir, Samiron sir, and Ripon sir comoderators of the club.

Process to be a member:
In the beginning of every year, membership form is distributed among the students who are willing to become members. A committee is formed consisting of 3 members by election with duration of one year. President is elected from class ten, secretary from class nine, and cashier from class eight. The present committee is as follows:

  • Present Committee
  • Moderator—ABM Abdus Subahan (Teacher)
  • Asst. Moderators: Nurul Amin (Teacher) Dipok, (Teacher) Samiron Gregory (Teacher) and Ripon Costa. (Teacher)
  • President- Abu Bakar B-19
  • Secretary- Md. Imtiaz Uddin Antu-D940
  • Cashier- Shit Paul – B04
  • Organizer- Md. Nayeem Uddin B750

Activities of the club:
Under the instruction of the chief patron Bro. Robi Purification CSC, the chess club does various kinds of activities throughout the year. By the direct contact of the moderator and associate teacher, the committee arranges inter class chess tournaments. Before the tournament a workshop is arranged for eh members conducted by the chess experts from the Chess Federation. The club also participates in different competition conducted by different organizations in and outside the country. The club awards its members for the best performance.

Our ex-chess club member, Enamul Hoque Rajeeb has now become a grand master. Shaorofuddin Hi , one of pioneers of establishing Chess Federation in Bangladesh was a student of our school. In 2009 our student Rakib Rana took part in an international Chess Tournament held in India and earned good name.