In the way of time, human are learning several type of knowledge to survive in this beautiful world. On the way of life of human, they keep several achievements. These achievements guide the future generation and these achievements support to lead the generation from one to another age.

Gregorian Art and Handwriting Club is an initiative to explore the inner talents of the artistic qualities of these young stars. Later on, these children shine in their individual life , in their work sector through their individual enthusiasm and willingness.

Our Gregorian Art and Handwriting Club is going gradually ahead step by step. Our pupil are participating in several art competitions and doing incredible success on this regards every year. They are designing and decorating their class room also, which indicates their sense of artistic perception. Every year, they are getting admission in the several colleges and universities; even though, they involve themselves in the public education sector. They effectively organize art competitions especially on 21st February and Gregorian Day.

We show our gratitude from our heart to our honorable Headmaster as his leadership made it possible to culture the minds of the students. Along this, we would like to thank our teachers of all faculties, guardians and students to support our journey to reach our goal. We hope and believe that the club will go at the forefront with your co-operation and support of all.

Nani Gopal Halder
Gregorian Art and Handwriting Club