St. Gregory's High School was founded in 1882 by the Benedictine Priests, an order of catholic missionaries. It was founded as an English Medium School and later converted into a Bengali medium in National Curriculum to comply with the government order. St. Gregory's High School at present is conducted by the Brothers of Holy Cross under the patronization of the Archdiocese of Dhaka and permanently recognized by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka.

The courses of Studies meet the requirements of the Secondary School Certificate examination administered by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka. Students are offered Science and Introduction to Business study courses from class 9.

The aims of this institution may be stated in a concise from as: to assist students in developing nature sense of obligation to God, country and fellowmen to impart right kind of education, shape character and to develop in students the habits of true discipline and competencies to enable them to become dutiful and patriotic citizens of Bangladesh. At large, the school works for total development of the students through educating mind and heart.The institution welcomes students of all creeds, cast and ethnic background. Faith and freedom of conscience of all students are respected and safeguarded.

RULES and Regulation
I. Admission policies and rules :

  1. New Students in class one are admitted at the beginning of the academic year only after duly fulfilling requiredadmission process. Students in other classes are admitted only when vacancies arise and admission is declared.
  2. A student has to fulfill the following for being in the pool of qualifying students: appropriate age, submitting rightly filled up form, appearing for interviews and writing admission test. Students selected on the basis of availability of seats, merit and having completed all admission criteria.
  3. If any student or parent foresees to study in a Cadet School, should not admit him at St. Gregory's High School.

d. The following documents are to be submitted during admission:

  • A correctly filled up admission form signed by student and Parents with an authentic information.
  • Birth Registration Certificate provided by the government.
  • A valid transfer certificate from the previous school for Classes 2 to 9.
  • Medical certification by a registered medical practitioner (if and for whom it is needed)
  • Two 1.5" x 1.5" size recent photographs of the student
  • School accepts the information of the students provided by the parents as authentic and true. The school, therefore, does not change the name and date of birth of the student for any reason or under any circumstances.

II. Tuition and Fees:

  1. Tuition, fees, annual and other charges shall be paid within the scheduled time or notified by the school authority from time to time
  2. Tuition fees shall be paid by the 20th of the month, except if it is notified otherwise. A fine of fifty taka per month shall be charged for delay in payment of tuition fees.
  3. If any student fails to pay tution fees for two consecutive months, his name and roll number shall be struck off and admission terminated.
  4. For reinstatement of the student, he has to apply for re-admission to the Headmaster, Once it is approved, he has to pay his dues first and pay the re-admission fees to enlist his name and roll number in the register
  5. Tuition fees shall be paid for twelve months of a year -January to December. All fees and arrears and other charges shall be paid before annual examination. No remission is made for absence. All fees and dues must be paid before applying for transfer certificate and other certificates of any sort.

III. Progress and Discipline

  1. Parents and guardians are required to ensure that the boy does his studies, home works and assignments regularly. A student should make a plan for four hours reading and writing at home every day.
  2. Parents and guardians should check student's diary every week to see the teachers' remarks, quiz marks and syllabus. Remarks and comments by any teacher or school official should be counter signed by the parents and guardians of the student.
  3. Parents and Guardians are required to direct the student and ensure that he abides by rules and regulations of the school. The school is devoted to educate the minds and hearts of the students. It is, therefore, demanded that students should be obedient and loyal, scholarly and hard working, respectful and honest, healthy, joyful and caring and fostering the spirit of family growing as a man of good character. If presence of any student is found not beneficial to the spirit of the school and helpful for other students, parents could be asked to withdraw or even he can be issued transfer certificate from the school
  4. Willfully damaging any school furniture and/or other property is subject to fine and penalty. Student should pay a fine equivalent or more to the damage made and he shall be placed under suspension as resolved by the Prefect of Discipline.
  5. School Authority and/or authorized teachers or officers reserve the right to check anybody including students at any time on campus to ensure security, discipline and collegial campus.
  6. Offensive and morally-wrong books, magazines and other printed materials, pictures in any form; CD, DVD and other digital devices and materials are prohibited on school campus.
  7. Using, attempting to use or found in possession of any Offensive and morally-wrong books, magazines and other printed materials, pictures in any form- CD, DVD, Mobile and other digital devices and materials on campus by a student any offensive shall be suspended from the school for three to five days.
  8. Taking into account the frequency (more than once) of offense and/or/degree/gravity of offense a student shall get transfer certificate or be withdrawn from the School.
  9. Teachers can check the bags of the students in the classroom or on campus for ensuring safety, discipline and collegial environment in the class and campus.
  10. Headmaster can check and/or scrutinize any mail and parcel sent to the student in school.
  11. Visiting students by relations or friends during school hours is prohibited.
  12. For any indiscipline student, Headmaster keeps the righl to issue a T.C to protect-environment of the school and tc protect the discipline & other students.
  13. SBA. The marks allotted for SBA is 30 and Hall test 70. Classes 1 to VIII will have SBA marks system and marks will be added with hall test marks. A student has to passs in SBA separately
  14. Headmaster reserves right to make any alteration or change of any decision regrading promotion or failure.

VI. School Uniform and dress code:
School unifrom/dress for the students is-classes one to four-white shirt with pocket with school monogram, green pants, and white shoes or cades or tennis shoes and classes five to ten white shirt with pocket with school monogram and white pants, and white shoes or cades or tennis shoes. Shirt must be tucked in and sleeves of a full sleeves shirt should not be folded. The school uniform must be clean and be worn in all school programs and activities.

  1. A student may get a detention and/or may be sent home for not wearing uniform.
  2. If there is sufficient reason for making exception in uniform, Parents or Guardian must give a written note in appropriate place in diary and sign and the same must be approved by the Prefect of discipline.
  3. A student must have simple, regular and normal hair cut and syle. Excessively long or short hair, any particular style, for instance, unusual look, dying,spiking, using jell are prohibited.

VII. Attendance and Leave
It is expected and demanded that students attend school every day and every class. Alarmingly unsatisfactory attendance may result in detaining a student in the same class or transfer from the school.

  1. A student is not alloweed to leave the campus without written permission from the prefect of discipline once class is in session.
  2. No leave will be granted before third period. For any leave a student must submit a written application signed by his parents or guardians, counter signed by class teacher and approved by the Prefect of discipline.
  3. For any leave of student of classes one to five, parents or guardians must accompany the applicant. These students will not be allowed to leave campus without guardians while the class is in session.
  4. For any absence, a student must submit a written letter mentioning appropriate reason(s) with comments and signature of legal guardian/parents.
  5. For any longer absence students must obtain prior written permission from the Headmaster.
  6. Absence for one month or more without prior written permission shall result in off the name from the registar and cancellation of admission of the student.
  7. For any sick leave, doctor's certificate must be produced.
  8. Three days late attendance will be considered as one day's absence.
  9. Any student leaves the campus during school hours without permission he shall be given detention. A written bond by the student and signed by parents must be submitted.
  10. Perfect Attendance: Prize is given for attending class one hundred percent days. A student without any absence or late will be qualified for this category.
  11. Any student failing to fulfill 85% attendance can be barred from annual examination. Attendance of less than 75% by a student might cause to get transfer certificate.
  12. A fine of 50 taka per day shall be charged for not attending school. This charge must be cleared before every terminal examination. If proper document for sickness (doctor's certificate) duly approved by the Prefect of Discipline is submitted a student may be exempted from the fine.

VIII. Extra and Co-curricular Activities
Different extra and co-curricular activities are organized on campus and off campus for students to participate and acquire institutional social and human values at large life skills.

  1. Participation in PT class for students of classes one to four is compulsory. Any student unable to participate for any reason (s) shall bring a letter from parents with appropriate substantial evidence.
  2. The school has following clubs and bodies - Science Club, Debate Club, English Club, Art Club, Ecology Club, Green Club, Quiz Club - to organize activities for students. These clubs and bodies are composed of teachers and students as officers and students as members. The member students shall be under obligation to attend meetings, classes, training and participate in programs organized by these clubs or bodies.
  3. For any unauthorized absence by the members shall be fined and/or punished as per rules of the concerned club.
  4. For holding any program on campus, a written permission should be obtained from the Headmaster.

IX. Miscellaneous

  1. Using, bringing and keeping in possession of expensive and alluring materials in campus is prohibited.
  2. Using rings, bracelet, wristband by students is forbidden. Smoking is absolutely forbidden on campus. Any student found smoking and in possession of cigarettes or like
  3. products shall be suspended for three days and parents are to be notified. A written bond by the student and signed by parents must be submitted. Any repeatation of such offense by any student will make their parents liable to withdraw the student.
  4. Taking or using or found in possession of drugs by any student shall cause him to get a transfer certificate.
  5. For being involved and proved internet crimes, offense and immoral activities, a student shall be suspended for three days. A written bond by the student and signed by parents must be submitted. Students committing such offenses frequently should be withdrawn from the school by the parents.
  6. Any student with infectious disease should abstain from attending school publicly. For such case, a doctor's certification should be produced.
  7. A student will take care of himself for own safety while at school including personal needs. School will provide reasonable standard of safety while a student at school.
  8. The school shall not hold itself responsible for any accident while boy is at school, or while he is on his way to school, or on his way home from school.

X. Statement

  1. St. Gregory's High School is a Secondary School from class one to ten under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka. Any student intending to study at a Cadet School in future should not apply here for admission.
  2. Information given on admission form during admission signed by parents is accepted as authentic and true. The school does not change name and date of birth of students. Any request for this purpose is not entertained.

XI. Headmaster's Discretion

  1. Headmaster holds the highest authority as regards anydecision including rules stated above in this diary. His decision regarding any matter shall be final and binding.

XIII. Declaration by student and parents:
I have read and understood all these rules and regulations of St. Gregory's High School and agree to abide by these rules. I shall extend full support to the school authority to implement these for betterment of the student.

Regular debates and symposia are organized by this society.

This is the official publication of the School.

=> P.T. CLASS:
Regular P.T. Classes are held on a compulsory basis.

The School Laboratory is well-equipped. Practical Classes are held regularly in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Higher Math. Attendance at these is compulsory for students of the Science group.

Regular periods are provided for Library.

Founded in 1914, the Troop and the Pack constitute the oldest organisation of the school. Meetings are held regularly.

Attendance at organised games is compulsory, during Class hours, as well as after School. The following games are played:- Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball and rugby. There are also facilities for Chess, Carrom, Badminton and Table-Tennis. The Annual Athletic Meet is regular part of the sports Programme for the year.

Morning Session Students have special program for co-curricular activities. Every student must participate in these activities.

Computer Lab is very well and class are held regularly