Founded: 2008
Headmaster: Bro. Prodip Placid Gomes, CSC
Location: Luxmibazar, Dhaka-1100.
Students: 560
History of foundation:
The school was founded by Bro. Robi Theodore Purification, CSC in 2008. It is now run by Bro. Prodip Placid Gomes, CSC and the education society.
It was one of the first schools to establish English as the medium of instruction in old Dhaka.
System of Education:
Primary school from Nursery to class five: the primary school program comprises Nursery and kindergarten years and classes I to V, the school follows an integrated curriculum by drawing on teaching programs of the Bangladesh Board. The classes I to V, build on the foundation laid in previous years.

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The aim of this institution is committed to carrying out the ministry of Jesus Christ in the education of youth. As a catholic community, we prepare students of character who achieve the highest standard of excellence and model faith, academic achievement, integrity, trust, honor, a logical social awareness and above all sensitivity towards the others. Honest thinking, open expression and a courageous stance on all issues are what St. Gregory’s High School English Version aspires to achieve.

We believe that all children can learn once they are given the opportunity in an appropriate productive learning environment. As a result we create a community of life-long learners through integrity student-based learning, curriculum-based learning and life experience.

“Whatsoever one would understand what he hears must hasten to put into practice what he has heard.” This is the simplest principle behind the choice of St. Gregory’s High School English Version.

Parents who wish to see their children grow into rational beings rather than memorizing machines find an intellectual companion in St. Gregory’s which is a fresh diversion from the conventional system ensuring the enhancement of the child’s capacity to think, to analyze and to act rationally. The best way to free ourselves from our limitations is to first recognize them. St. Gregory’s High School English Version gives each child ample opportunities to recognize his weaknesses, discover his strength and march ahead with renewed vigor and a sense of direction.

With the phase of time people modify, some for the betterment of life and some for the betterment of time. Man has broken the boundaries of many walls of superstitions and reached such heights as mere imagination. St. Gregory’s High School English Version aims at nurturing and moldings its children in a way so that they not only fantasize for a better world but also be able to land into that world of fantasy to get them turned into reality to the rest of the world and came up as icons.

St. Gregory English Version School was a dream, a dream that walked out of its dreamland and is standing in the heart of old Dhaka as a form of reality today. A reality conceived out of the vast experience of training young minds to meet global challenges by the founder Br. Robi Purification CSC. It was establish in the year 2008.

Since the year 2008 till today St. Gregory English Version have been proving itself as the best school among all other schools giving competition to it. It started its journey with four teachers, two staffs, an assistant headmaster and seventy four students. No books, no copies, just few materials of primary education. The initial motto of the school was to make the kids find studies interesting than frightening. So we made it easier with the means of digital method that is a projector. With the help of projector the kids learnt number, alphabets, rhymes, song and also different vocabularies. They find it not only interesting but also educative. Whatever they saw they tried to fit it in their brain for a long time.

The first class of the school was Nursery, with two sections, Lotus and Rose which started its first academic year an 3rd January 2008.

The following year 2009 one more class was introduced, KG with two more sections and two new teachers. Gradually with each passing year one new class with its two sections were announced. Today, in the year 2015, we are successfully running our 8th year with standard six. The first batch already has appeared the first primary education completion exam from this English Version School. We have got 100% pass in the primary education completion examination. We have already introduced our next class that is class VI in 2015. The school occupies almost 560 students with four religious Brothers, twenty-eight teachers, an office staff, four working staffs and many helping hands.

Just like other ten renowned school’s rules and disciplines St. Gregory High School English Version also follows and maintains all its rules, regulations and disciplines. Since the starting till today the teachers are send for different trainings. National day’s observation, excursions, group works, project works, class parties and cultural functions are arranged for the students every year. Sports have always been the signature activity of this institution. The boys are trained by the professional from their infant age. Every historical day is celebrated from a small get together to a big celebration. Teacher’s day, science fair also holds a place among all the others activities.

The school, St. Gregory’s High School English Version, is not only educating the children but also counsel them to the right path of the life’s journey. Counseling can be seen as a noble job that can change a person’s life forever and this great job is done by one of the most humble and respected Br. Binoy Stephen Gomes, CSC.

St. Gregory English Version School has added a new means to its existing reputation as one of the renowned school of this country. We are hoping to forge ahead with this humble journey of this school with our hard work, determination and dedication.